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Our Mission

Health is the first wealth. Our mission is to aid as many people as possible to move from survival to creation and to create a Healed State. 

Arriale Starbird offers Holistic Health Coaching Services online to women, men, children, and pets/ animals all over the world. And we ship products world wide, to most countries. 

We make Holistic and Nutritional services and products comprehensive, and easily accessible to you, where ever you are in the world.

All of the products in this online store have been hand selected by Arriale. Our products are Holistic, Natural, Organic, Non GMO, and responsibly sourced.

Benefits they provide include:

~ Improve your overall health and wellness
~ Increase your Spiritual connection
~ Increase mental focus and concentration 
~ Increase fitness performance
~ Lose unwanted weight
~ Increase lean muscle gains
~ Improve mood
~ Reduce stress
~ Increase natural daily energy and vitality
~ Improve sleep and relaxation
~ Detoxification of harmful chemicals from the body
~ And much more!

We also offer over 500 other exceptional products exclusively to members of any of our Holistic Health Coaching Programs. These products are for women, men, and children of all ages (and your animals!)

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle, reduce stress, have more energy, have more mental clarity and focus, or if you have specific nutritional or fitness goals, our Coaching Programs and products will help you to achieve results faster and with less hassle than if you were going it alone!

We have products specifically for Professional Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts, as well as Nutrition Coaches and Fitness Coaches. These products are accessible to you if you join Arriale's Health Coaching Program or her Health and Success Coaching Program.

If you would like to learn more about our Holistic Health Coaching Programs, and Healing Services, and how they can help you accomplish your health and wellness goals, or to schedule a consultation please contact us

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In Service,

Arriale Starbird

Disclaimer:  Do not attempt to self-diagnose or self-treat. Holistic Spirit Medicine does not sell drugs to treat diseases. Our products are intended to support the structure/ function of your Spirit, soul, mind and body. All of our products are intended to be used in conjunction with our Holistic Health Coaching Programs. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to learn how our services and products can aid you on your healing journey.


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